Delivery Auction Websites

Not sure how many people are aware of these great sites that have sprung up. I won’t say they are new because they have in fact been around for a quite a few years now, but not too many people(that I know anyway) are aware of their existence.

They actually work in a similar way to ebay but instead of users listing items for sale and then others bidding on them, with the auction delivery site people list items they need transporting and then registered transport providers bid on their delivery. Again like ebay, users on both sides can leave feedback rating their satisfaction with the customer or service provider.

Such a simple idea but what a great concept it is and the price you can get your items moved for is a fraction of what you’d usually expect to pay if you rang a same day courier company out of the yellow pages or from an internet search. How it apparently works is that transport providers look for jobs that match up with places they are planning to deliver to anyway.

Same Day Courier Van

For instance,  “John Smith Courier Services” based in London already has a delivery booked for next Thursday, going from London to Manchester. What he will then do is take a look on the delivery auction site and see if anybody needs anything delivered up to Manchester the same day or perhaps he might find someone with a delivery going from Manchester to London. Basically he’ll look for anything along his route that fits in with what he is already doing and doesn’t take him too far off his already planned schedule.

So for that reason “John Smith” can afford to take the delivery from the auction site for a fraction of the price he would usually charge, as he is going that way anyway.

Obviously this service is not really suited for urgent deliveries, where you would really need to use a specialist same day courier, but it is ideal for deliveries that you are not in a great hurry to receive.

Absolutely perfect for ebay purchases and such like, and as I mentioned earlier some of the prices you can get offered are quite astounding. When you make your delivery listing you are asked when you need your goods collected and delivered and the more flexible you are, generally the better the price you can expect. For example if you say you want the goods collecting and delivery anytime within the next 10 days, you will likely be offered a much lower price than if you put you need it collected tomorrow and delivered within 2 days.

You can also list just about anything on these sites too. I have seen listings ranging from a lamp shade to a 30 foot boat!

Anyway I highly recommend anyone that is in need of a delivery  and likes a bargain, to give these sites a try. Two of the big delivery auction websites are and

Courier Services Offered In The UK

There are several types of courier and delivery services available in the UK. Below is a brief look at some of the most popular services available. All of us use courier services from time to time, whether as consumers or in a commercial capacity in our professional lives.

Overnight Standard.

This service is relatively inexpensive and is perfect for sending non urgent consignments. Some of the big suppliers of this service are Parcel Force, TNT, Fedex and APC. With this service your goods will usually get to their destination within a few days. You can either drop your goods off at a depot or you can have your goods collected from your work or home, the latter option usually involves a small extra fee.

Overnight Next Day

This option is for those that are in a hurry to receive their goods. It works in a similar way to the Overnight Standard service, just with more urgency and obviously at a higher price. Again the items being sent can either be dropped off at a local depot or collected from you. A lot of companies offer a few different tariffs for next day delivery, the most popular being delivery before 9am,  before 12am or anytime the next day. The charge being greater the earlier you want your goods delivered.

Same Day Courier

The same day courier service is usually the most costly, this service is generally reserved for emergencies or very high value cargo or to transport sensitive  items that need to get to their destination in a great hurry in a dedicated vehicle and possibly need great care and specialist handling.

It tends to usually be the commercial sector that use this service because of  the very high costs involved. Companies and organisations within the medical, legal and media industry are frequent users of same day couriers due to the usually urgent and sensitive nature of the items they have to despatch.

Whichever of these services you require make sure to do your research when deciding which company to use.  There are so many delivery companies out there to choose from, it can seem like a minefield. Make sure you get the one that caters best to your specific needs. It is worth  bearing in mind that the cheapest option is not always the best. Look around for online reviews and recommendations. Sometimes in the long run you can possibly  save yourself time, expense and hassle by paying a little bit extra for a genuinely reliable service.